Best Peel-off Mask 10PCS

Best Peel-off Mask 10PCS


Reference: 991.0208

Packaging Unit: 1 piece

Weight: 0.37 kg


BEST PEEL-OFF MASKS. Pamper your customers with our popular and high-quality powder masks. Our five most popular Peel-Off Masks in one box: 2 x Acerola Vitamin C, 2 x Snow Algae Hydrating, 2 x Aloe De-Stress, 2 x Goji Anti Oxidant, 2 x Spirulina Green Mask.
The Care Heroes in detail:
Acerola Vitamin C: Peel Off Mask for skin in need of regeneration.
Snow Algae Hydrating: Peel-Off Alginate Mask: refreshing and invigorating. With moisturizing snow algae extract.
Aloe De-Stress: Peel Off Mask for sensitive skin.
Goji Anti Oxidant: Peel Off Mask for demanding skin.
Spirulina Green Mask: Peel Off Mask for all skin types.


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