CND Shellac Led Lamp Automatic 3C Technology

CND Shellac Led Lamp Automatic 3C Technology



New CND LED Lamp
3C Technology (Complete Chromatic Cure)

3C Technology™ :
– Two light beams target long wear and shine
– Energy adjusts for each service step
– Time controlled pulsing for a precision cure

Design Features
• Targeted exposure to the nail area only
• Easy-to-use preset controls for each service step
• Alignment guides for proper hand/foot placement
• Patent-pending, ergonomic design
• 365 Nano LED Technology

Program :
1 – Universal Base Coat
2B – Brisa
2S – CND Shellac
3 – Universal Top Coat

The only lamp designed to completely and evenly cure CND™ SHELLAC™ brand 14+ day nail colour and BRISA™ Gel.

Additional Information:
• 5 seconds Preparation time: to avoid burning. When the machine determines that it is too hot, the light pulsates, such as during the preparation time (To avoid burning sensations)
• No replacement neon !!
• Lifetime: approximately 10,000 hours.
• Ensures a year with CND. The customer must register their machine on website (
• Wipe the machine before use to remove any moisture.
• Beware of cosmetics applied to hands before manicure; these can increase the sensitivity to ultraviolet light.
• Avoid overexposure (remove hand / foot when time is complete).


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