Lavender Wax 500ML F-5

Lavender Wax 500ML F-5



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Warm depilatory wax Lavender

It is a natural wax that has been studied for an intensive use
beauty salons. It allows perfect hair removal in the first
band. Its formula is stable and does not crystallize.

It remains flexibole long. It is an economic commodity.
Recommended for beauty institutes who are looking for maximum profitability.


1. Any application must be done on healthy skin, clean, dry, non-irritated and free of cream or fat , do not use after the bath or on wounds , varicose veins , buttons, or a burnt skin .
2. Make a key test before application. Do not overheat the wax.
3. Do not empty into drains .

Keep out of reach of children . Avoid contact with the eyes.
Do not use for other purposes than stated
Apply on healthy skin
Observe the user manual . Do not swallow.


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