THAT’SO Dry Shampoo Perfect Hair 200ML

THAT’SO Dry Shampoo Perfect Hair 200ML


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shake well before use. Use on dry hair.
Spray on roots from a distance of about 15-20 cm. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and brush, then comb as usual.


Discover the new innovation That’so for always clean hair in a single gesture!
A purifying and volumizing dry shampoo for an instant freshness effect.
The new That’so Dry Shampoo contains rice starch to absorb sebum excess and give lightness to the hair.
Its formula also contains green tea extract for its protective action. It also helps to regulate the greasy effect at the root for cleaner hair.
You’ll absolutely love the new That’so Perfect Hair Dry Shampoo, which is easy to use and really effective, it will save you time while giving freshness and lightness to your hair!


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