Wax Refill Eyebrow 3x34GR

Wax Refill Eyebrow 3x34GR


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Description wax cartridges Refil

hair removal cartridges Warm wax (37 ° -40 °) soluble are convenient and easy to use. With their applicator tip, wax is applied in very thin layers and provides gentle and effective depilation, leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed. You’ll just need a hot wax and strips. Capacity 34 ml per cartridge.
Exist :
– For the face, eyebrows.


– Heat the wax cartridge for about 30 minutes.
– Spread the wax thinly on the area to be treated with the application of the cartridge head.
– Immediately apply the tape and smooth with the palm of the hand in the direction of hair growth.


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